Jesse Keller is an Elvis tribute artist and Hollywood actor who never quite made it. But just when he thinks it may be time for him to give up on his dreams, he meets and falls for Naveena, a Bollywood star visiting Los Angeles.

Convinced he’s found the love of his life, Jesse determines he must become a Bollywood actor, not only to win Naveena’s affections but to also jump-start his career. And so with the help of Amir, a young Indian-American slacker, Jesse ventures out to Mumbai and works to get himself cast in a Bollywood film. During the filming of his first movie role, Jesse looks to get closer to Naveena, only to discover that she is already in a serious relationship with Soham, an accomplished banker.  Just as Jesse decides to return to America, his final performance creates a spiritual moment that changes Jesse's and Naveena's destiny forever.

A movie that reminds us that while you might give up on your dreams, it doesn’t mean your dreams will give up on you!